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Elemental hero woodsman, elemental hero voltic, elemental hero heat. Buy products related to masked hero deck products and see what customers. Elemental hero prisma card ruling question youtube. Elemental hero heat x2 elemental hero ice edge x2 elemental hero neos alius elemental hero ocean x2 elemental hero prisma elemental hero stratos elemental hero voltic elemental hero woodsman x3 spells 23 dark hole e emergency call x3 fusion gate x3 heavy storm mask change x3 mind control miracle fusion x3 monster reborn nobleman of. How to build a powerful yugioh ehero elemental hero. You can add 1 hero monster from your deck to your hand, except elemental hero shadow mist. Elemental hero deck constructed deck list and prices for the yugioh tcg. This will guide you through creating an awesome deck. Although it would help, this card doesnt have to attack twice, because the second voltic summoned by the effect of the first can attack and special summon the. This card is always treated as an elemental hero card. You can add 1 change quickplay spell card from your deck to your hand. This page notes details of elemental hero voltic lightthundereffect monster. We can currently consider the archetype complete and for that occasion, lets have a look at what makes these birds tick. Elemental hero voltic pp02en014 secret rare yugioh.

First by dragon master knight, then by mirage knight, and then by elemental hero neos boosted by honest. Ive used it in a duel or two and it has helped quite well, it can pull an honest effect for elemental heroes or reverse the effect for it to get increased attack. You can only equip this card to elemental hero clayman. Silent honor ark, the effect of elemental hero absolute zero to destroy all monsters the opponent controls does not activate.

If any of the 2 monsters targeted with bubble shuffle are no longer on the field, the effect of bubble shuffle cannot be applied. Once youve found the card check the directory to see who has it. Use our deck ratefix guidelines when making an rf post. What cards should i put in to make the best elemental hero. When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent. Homeyugioh cardsyugioh single cardsyugioh jaden yuki 1 duelist pack single cards. If this card is attacked, destroy this card and negate the attack. Evil hero dark gaia artwork by on deviantart yu gi oh, loki, yugioh. Increase the atk of the equipped monster by 300 points. You can add 1 spelltrap from your deck to your hand that specifically lists the card elemental hero neos in its text. It is the twentyninth deck in the tcgs structure deck series. When this card destroys an opponents monster by battle.

Ygopro elemental hero voltic combo watch my other ygopro combo video s. Use the marketplace thread or rygomarketplace for your buying and selling needs, including card valuation. The croatian andgreek names given are not official. You goblindbergh or tin goldfish with elemental shadow mist to get a mask change. In this case, elemental hero voltic is not changed to defense position. Use the stickied megathread for basic questions and ruling queries. You can also search for decks containing this card. Therefore, if elemental hero core battles, and as a result, that elemental hero core itself is destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard, the effect of that elemental hero core cannot be activated at the end of the battle phase. You can add 1 miracle fusion from your deck to your hand. You can send 1 other card you control to the graveyard to target 1 monster you control.

Todays deals your gift cards help whole foods registry sell disability customer support. This bloke has very strong opinions about the different types of elemental hero ehero decks in yugioh. Elemental hero honest neos dusaen028 ultra rare 1st edition duelist saga 1st edition. Lets find a proper example of a card in 8 recipe decks that is available in a pack to debunk this. He wanted my advice on his elemental hero deck, and i gave him some. Someone asked me for a hero beat deck, and well even if i dont really like it, here is a recipe.

The effect of tributing elemental hero bubblman and special summoning an elemental hero monster from your hand is not applied. Yugioh elemental hero plasma vice secret rare ct04 near mint. While faceup on the field, this card is also wind, water, fire, and earthattribute. When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard.

Elemental hero blazeman is a versatile card that will. What cards should i put in to make the best elemental hero deck i can. Ironically, every time it had been destroyed in the anime has been by battle. Plus the destroy one card effect would be really helpful to get rid of monsters even stronger than that. World superstars is filled with monsters making their stateside debut, but only one of these monsters can call himself a hero. Elemental hero fusion constructed deck list and prices for the yugioh tcg. This card gains 300 atk for each of your banished elemental hero monsters. When an attack is declared involving another hero monster you control. With the release of duel overload, the simorgh archetype received its final wave of support in the form of simorgh, bird of sovereignty. This has only seven monsters on the main deck, an elemental hero stratos three elemental hero neos alius and three elemental hero bubbleman, the rest are twenty spell cards and thirteen trap cards.

Gains 100 atk for each neospacian and hero monster in your gy. My strongest monster is elemental hero electrum, at 29002600, which is by no means bad, but there are a lot of very common monsters stronger than that, so i wanted to have at least one 4000 atk monster in the deck somewhere. This cards effect is an optional trigger effect that activated after battle damage is. Elemental hero absolute zero genf ense1 generation force. We will also use seven elemental hero fusion monsters, stardust dragon and seven xyz monsters. This card gains 500 atk for each faceup water monster on the field, except elemental hero absolute zero. But fear not, true believers, because almost every elemental hero card got another shot at the limelight this fall, and heres 5 of the best fusion monsters you can use in your elemental hero deck. You can target 1 of your banished elemental hero monsters. Elemental hero deck yugioh blog yugioh card fan blogs.

If vanitys emptiness is chained to either monster gate or reasoning, how will each resolve. Elemental hero decks focus heavily on fusion summoning. Use gold sarcophagus and attack with this card to special summon any elemental hero from your deck. Elemental hero voltic elemental hero wild wingman elemental hero wildedge elemental hero wildheart. Common charity can let you draw 2, banish a normal monster like elemental hero neos, and let you summon it after doing some battle damage with elemental hero voltic, with skyscraper raising your attack against stronger monsters. I dont think i will have any objections in this choice, the number one yugioh elemental hero is elemental hero divine neos. Came in just in time and its a good card made my hero deck a little stronger than.

Price for elemental hero voltic from ebay and multiple card vendors. When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard. Must be fusion summoned and cannot be special summoned by other ways. In this video he breaks down why his ehero deck and ehero philosophy in general are superior to others and why elemental recharge is a crappy card. I had a question about the effect of elemental hero prisma. Yugioh jaden yuki 1 duelist pack single cards at pokeorder. You can only use 1 elemental hero shadow mist effect per turn, and only once that turn. Thunder elemental hero voltic they were designed by kazuki takahashi, and are themed after comic book superheroes in the anime and are based off natural elements in the manga. Recently, one of my readers, dragoncommander, created a competitive elemental hero deck and gave a spoiler of his cards on youtube. Use mask change on one of elemental heros to avoid being destroyed by a card effect and summon a masked hero monster from your extra deck. Gains 500 atk for each water monster on the field, except elemental hero absolute zero. While faceup on the field, this card is also lightattribute. Ocg rulings when a faceup elemental hero absolute zero you control becomes an xyz material due to the effect of the opponents number 101. Then, after this effect resolves, special summon 1 level 4 or lower monster from your hand that includes elemental hero in its card name.

Have you seen those cool neospacians, but dont know how to combine them into a deck. You can only use each of the following effects of elemental hero sunrise once per turn. If the effect of vanitys emptiness is applying when monster gate resolves, since you cannot special summon any monsters, the part of the effect that excavates cards is also not applied. Despite having an atk that rivals even obelisk the tormentor, its record in the anime is pretty bad. You can target 1 of your banished elemental hero monsters, special summon that target. Dump gold to search skyscraper then mask chargewarrior returning. However, i want to see how some of you other guys think about his elemental hero deck and how he can improve it. Providing that elemental hero core is no longer in the monster card zone, the activation cannot be performed.

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